Juvenile Delinquency Defense

Juvenile Delinquency Defense

If your teen has been charged with a crime you need an experienced juvenile delinquency defense lawyer. Since 2001, we have defended thousands of young people charged in California juvenile court. Don’t risk your child's future. Work with an attorney whose primary practice area is defending young people accused of being juvenile delinquents.

Why Work with a Lawyer Whose Primary Practice is Defending Juveniles?

The juvenile justice system is very different from the adult criminal system. It has its own courts and personnel, its own procedures, its own laws, and indeed a different purpose than adult courts.  We know and understand juvenile court and have handled thousands of juvenile delinquency cases.

Juveniles Have Many Sentencing Options

Juvenile delinquency proceedings are not the same as adult criminal cases. Juvenile courts were created in order to rehabilitate young people, not punish them. Juvenile detention is often considered a last resort imposed only when less restrictive alternatives are not appropriate. We work closely with parents and their children to find options that will work best in your situation.

In every case, we strive to protect the juvenile's "record". In many cases, charges ultimately can be dismissed, the arrest deemed never to have occurred, and the juvenile records sealed. (Welfare and Institutions Code § 790, 793, 786, 781 [not all charges are eligible for conditional dismissal, Deferred Entry of Judgment or record sealing]). In fact, Juvenile Court proceedings are not considered "criminal proceedings," and any proven misconduct is not deemed a "conviction of a crime for any purpose." (Welfare and Institutions Code § 203).

Sealing Your Juvenile Record

Once you reach the age of 18, we can help to expunge and seal most juvenile records so you can move on with your life without having "convitions" or sustained juvenile delinquency petitions found true against you.  

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